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All About Me! (Here's the good stuff!)




Hi! Im "Drew" and welcome to my homepage.

Just a little about myself, "if" you happen to feel like reading it. I 'figured' you might though, or why would you be here :) The best way to tell you about me is to once again take my trusty 'puter pen and paper' in hand, and just 'jot down' some of the things about me, that I thought you may like to know.
first..some links to my other pages here to help simplify the navigatin' 'round the corner and curves a bit....
So heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrre goes!!!





Life's Little Thorns

Duck and run while you can!!! LOL

           It isn't so easy to just start talking about me, since I have a totally different perspective than someone else as to what I am like. But ego's and imperfections aside, let me honestly endeavor to at least 'try' and give you an idea on how my clock 'ticks', so to speak.  How am I suppose to figure out who's going to be reading these pages in the first place? Yet, as I have said before, if it wasn't for the "curiosity factor", well... you wouldn't be here true:) ? So, with that in mind, I guess I will just get relaxed, be open, and speak my mind here.

         I'm just 45 years of "vintage" Ozarkian Mizzourah Mule, originally from the Southwestern portion of the state. I'm 6'2" tall and at 223 lbs., pretty much healthy (not trying to say it in a bragging sort of way either), and I like the easy going natural way of things, more than the "hustle and bustle" way some people adopt to enjoy their lives as they see fit. To each their own of course, but this pony-tailed, non-biker, non-hippie country form of a mellowed out, most of the time well wishing, laid back in a quiet sort of a way, slowed downed-but not going backwards fellow (and no, I dont really run off at the mouth all the time) just doesn't tend to love big city life as much as rural country life, although I have to live in the city for now till I get my college thing down and get my own 'spread' (smiling here). I'm fun loving, but sometimes just like to be alone in the woods (Whew! runnin out of air on some of those!)

          I love the sights, sounds and smells out there in Mama Nature land, and can think of no better way to clear my head of unhappy thoughts and my insides of the rat race cobwebs, than being out there in the middle of all the woodsy stuff and critters. I love to feel that fresh, early morning breeze as it shuffles past my face and brings those scents and aromas to my senses. It seems to me that sometimes those senses are just pretty easy to get bogged down from all the mental pollution, hassles, rat race principles, rude manners and rotten stuff as such. I just like to get out into the woods and do my inner laundry in peace I guess. I don't really know of any better soap that God gave us, other than simply being out there in the open air environments. I like these type of scenarios, just sitting back in the mornings and watching the birds as they start their day out. Ornery little critters they are too! Well! Just go and watch them as they scrap with each other over a bit of food, bowin' up their chest and playing bluff on one another as they fly up to a nearby branch, just to zip back down and do it all over again. They get me tickled and make me laugh. Of course I'm a bit to blame, since I'm the one sittin' over there to the side throwing the bread out for them to scrap over! I don't do it for mean reasons though, it is like a Shoney's breakfast buffet to them:)
I also enjoy tinkerin' around with the computer, learnign new things, repairing older legacy units and building new systems. I have all the access in the world here, and I have my own computer system that I built, a home PC that can handle all I need for play and school and at a good speed too. I'm slowly taking the course plans for Computer Networking. I like playing around in new areas I haven't been in before.
I also enjoy good books, not to try to make you think I've got a 20 foot tall library archive around every wall. I also enjoy the fiction novels about future worlds and technologies as long as its perceivably believable, and also good comedies, as long as they aren't "too" far fetched. I like nature and geography related materials, which show areas or things that I have never, nor would probably ever get a chance to see or learn about. This is another plus about the Internet that  I enjoy. If I am reading something and come across an item or subject I don't comprehend or understand well, I merely punch it up on the trusty old 'pute and go for it. This creates a never-ending classroom even if it is in a virtual reality.




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